My Choice of Wiki System

By Khoa Huynh - Vina Consulting

Recently, I am looking for the good wiki system for some my sites. The selection process is not the easy job as there are hundred of looking good system out there . The first thing is checked is the famous guy .My basic need are: the good, flexible , easy to extend and modify , can install on LAMP environment , and can handle large site content . Article can be classified into categories, groups or sub-wiki . Also need system can handle file attachment, media and feed. Security also a concerned matter. Another one is I want to go with open sources licenses .
From this point , I came with candidate list below:

  • DokuWiki 

  • MediaWiki  

  • PhpWiki 

  • TikiWiki  
Go to their home sites to take a quick view of how it's look like. Quickly I removed phpwiki as it not showed right and still using sourforce page. The last 3 candidates look very elegant . So I started to research their main features:

From MediaPedia:

FeaturesMy PriorityDokuWiki
File uploading / attachments HighYYY
Spam prevention HighYYY
Page access control HighYYY
Inline HTMLNormalYYY
User-customizable interfaceNormalYPartialY
Document renaming NormalYYY
WYSIWYG editingHighYNY
Web feedsLowYYY
Cross-wiki support NormalSection Editing,
nice tables
side-by-side diff

From WikiPedia , all 3 solutions look good the same ad all have major features need for Wiki , so I go to wikimatrix and each web homepage to check again each features in detail .Here is the detail list :

General Features:

Version DokuWiki MediaWiki
Last Release Date 2008-05-05 2008-01-24
Author Andreas Gohr Magnus Manske, Brion Vibber, Lee Daniel Crocker, Tim Starling, Erik Möller, and others.
TikiWiki Community
License GPL 2 GPL
Programming Language PHP PHP
Data Storage Files Database
Intended Audience private, small to medium companies End Users/Desktop, Education
Needing not just a wiki, but a full-featured CMS/Groupware with a bug tracker, discussion forums, blogs, etc. I like it