Using Yahoo Pipes To Scrap Google Hot Trends

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Yahoo Pipes is a service that allows you to extract, amend, and combine data from a large range of sites and services by dragging and dropping basic modules.
The best way to get a basic understanding is to watch  this  yahoo pipes introductory video.

Summary of Feed Services

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This post summary and provides links to most useful feed services .
Creation of search feeds
Web, news to email: Google (News) Alerts
Google News to RSS: Google News RSS Generator
News/press releases to RSS: PubSubDaypopYahoo! NewsMSN Search
Company news to RSS: Yahoo! Finance
Newsgroups to RSS: PubSub
Blogs to RSS: PubSubBlogdiggerFeedster (also searches feeds generally), Technorati,BlogPulseIceRocket
Linking activity to RSS: Technorati (blogs), Feedster (webfeeds generally)
SEC filings to RSS: PubSub
Articles to RSS: FindArticles
Aggregating/filtering multiple feeds into single output feeds
Without filtering: BlogdiggerRSS Mix
With filtering: Feedster
Creating secondary feeds with different output characteristics
Creating feeds for web pages which do not have them (scraping)
Email to RSS tools
Online archives and archive feeds
Web pages to archive to RSS: Furl
Article abstracts/citations: CiteULike
Dedicated feed creation software
RSS to email tools

Microsoft adCenter Service

Target your audience with Microsoft adCenter

Microsoft adCenter

Microsoft adCenter (formerly MSN adCenter), is the division of the Microsoft Network (MSN) responsible for MSN's advertising services. Microsoft adCenter provides pay per click advertisements.